09 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Andrew Bird (Sat.) / Bjork (Fri.)

In which I continue to serve the needs of my fellow gadabouts in their search for Coachella goodness, so that they may not maunder, but rather um... shit, Nancie, I need another big word to finish this off! Help a brother out!

Andrew Bird

Who he is: A dude from Chicago who RAWKS the violin! Is there anything more heavy metal than that? I think not!

What he sounds like: I guess you could say he sounds like indie rock with a lot of violin. Real insightful, eh?

Andrew Bird - Heretics

What I think: Not bad, but not too exciting either. Our forefathers had a word for this, and I believe it was "meh". But, I am somewhat intrigued because live he supposedly does an Imogen Heap/Jamie Lidell do-it-all-my-damn-self kinda vibe with lots of on-the-fly sampling and looping and whatnot, and that's always pretty interesting to watch. Saturday is awfully packed, though, so who knows? Could I be any more non-commital? Maybe :P



Who she is: Don't really need this one here, eh?

What she sounds like: Who knows what the new album will sound like? I've read that she's working with Antony (Antony and the Johnsons), Mark Bell, some African musicians... it's always an adventure. But I'm sure it will be, as usual, awesome. Anyhoo, figured I'd throw you a little B-side (from the Pagan Poetry single)...

Bjork - Domestica

What I think: You know I wouldn't miss it. It's looking very much like I will be taking Friday off work and heading to the desert early. Album is supposed to be out late spring, so I'm guessing it will be a lot of new stuff and absolutely not to be missed. Plus, maybe she'll dress like a penguin this time... or a pizza... or something...

Mmm... pizza...


So, kinda tired this morning after a raccoon invasion at the new house last night. Little bastards are all over the place out there. Actually, I shouldn't say little... they're huge! Seems kinda odd though, raccoons on the beach? Who knew? And they make some messed up noises when confronted by three kitties that have their big fat tails on, ready to fight. Scares the crap outta ya in the middle of a silent night, that's for sure! Know what raccoons hate? When ya throw water on 'em! But that again begs the question, why they hangin' out on the beach if they don't like water? Wassupwiddat? This world, she is full of mysteries...

... oh, and here's a raccoon trying to hump a dog.

Cue the Barry White music...

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