28 September 2015

Tonegent, The Album!

Hey all, remember me? If you've been wondering where I've been (which you haven't), I've been locked in a small padded room for the last nine months, subsisting on Four Loko, Captain Crunch and my own delusions of grandeur, making this. The sound is a deliberate throwback to late '90s Electronica, because I am old and this music the kids listen to today, OY VEY! IT HURTS MY EARS WITH THE ALL THE UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ!

Anyhoo, I hope you dig it...

... and if you do, tell your friends, IF YOU HAVE ANY! I'm just kidding. You are all beautiful people and surely very popular. Peace out...

08 April 2015

A Late Easter Egg

A little ditty I made on Easter Sunday whilst gnawing the ears off a chocolate bunny or twelve...


20 January 2015

Jah Love Free

A new FREE EP by me on Bandcamp. The title cut is an oldie but I made it a brand new friend for the B-side. Go get it. Did I mention it's FREE? Because it's FREE...

(Not that I've yet had anyone actually pay anything for my music, but let me have my delusions of grandeur, OKAY?)

02 January 2015

2 New EPs out on Bandcamp