30 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Sonic Youth (Fri.) / Soulwax Nite Versions (Sun.)

To end what has actually been a pretty good week of tunes...

Sonic Youth

Who they are: The mother of all New York Indie bands.

What they sound like: When they aren't firmly lodged waaaaaay up their own arse with the whole guitar noise thing and decide to write a straight ahead rock song, they're quite okay...

Sonic Youth - Incinerate
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped

What I think: See above. Never been a huge fan, but you could do much worse as you know, if you've been following this little project for the last few weeks :P


Soulwax Nite Versions

Who they are: The 2 Many DJs guys have a band, and this is it.

What they sound like: Kinda that dance punk thing that I'm just about over. However... they made two versions of their last album... the original, called "Any Minute Now", and the revision, called "Nite Versions" which was a way pumped up for the dancefloor version. Needless to say, I prefer the Nite Versions.

Soulwax - E Talking (Nite Version)
Soulwax - Nite Versions

What I think: That one's a banger. This should a pretty good show. Unless it sucks. :P

And with that, have a great weekend!

29 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - The Roots (Sun.) / Silversun Pickups (Fri.)

Legends vs. Up-n-comers today. I'll give you a hint... the legends win.

The Roots

Who they are: The Legendary Roots Crew needs no introduction. Seriously, if you don't know who The Roots are, your life is a hollow, empty, burnt-out shell and you should end it now, as quickly but painfully as possible...

... ok, maybe that's a bit overboard. I was just trying to do my impression of an Indie Rock blogger talking about, um, I dunno, the Arcade Fire or something.

What they sound like: Hotter than ever. The albums just keep getting better, really... finally catching up to how good they've always been live. So yeah, you get a live track from these guys, of course! Here's a good one, not from a concert, but from Gilles Peterson's show and his "BBC Sessions Vol 1." compilation (which is beyond essential, btw... but you pretty much knew that, too.)

The Roots - Meltin' Pot (Live)
The Roots

What I think: The best live band in the history of hip-hop will lay waste to all the poser indie bands at Coachella that think they know how to put on a show. Count on it. These next kids, for instance, got no shot...


Silversun Pickups

Who they are: A Los Angeles band, which got me to thinking... there sure haven't been many L.A. bands in the lineup this year. Oh, wait. That's because the scene here is total shit. Drrrp.

What they sound like: Indie leaning more towards rock than pop. The girl vocals kinda remind me of ol' skool L.A. band that dog., just to throw out a reference that almost no one will get.

Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye
Silversun Pickups - Carnavas

What I think: These guys are quite revered around the blogosphere, which generally is a good signal that a band sucks, but for a change, they're actually not bad. Who knew? They couldn't carry The Roots' jocks in a pickup truck, but that's not even an insult ;)

28 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Damien Rice (Sun.) / Rodrigo Y Gabriela (Sun.)

Acoustic guitars... they can be all soft and sensitive, or they can rock like heavy metal. Don't believe me? You will...

Damien Rice

Who he is: A sensitive, acoustic-type Irishman... meaning he's sensitive and acoustic until he's had a few pints of Guinness, then he smashes his acoustic over yer sensitive skull.

What he sounds like: I've had a couple of pints of Guinness too, so just listen to the dang song already, before I knock yer feckin' teeth in :P

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
Damien Rice - 9

What I think: Hmm, actually the best part of that song is when the girl is singing. She's Lisa Hannigan, his full time collaborator. Of course, he apparently just fired her and she won't be at Coachella. What a cack. That said, I don't mind his his voice too much either, but Coachella + Acoustic = "I can't hear this dude over the bass coming from the Sahara Tent!"... you know this to be true!


Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Who they are: Two guitarists who met in a Mexican heavy metal band, and then naturally found fame playing acoustic guitar in Ireland. Like always... sheesh... how many more times do I have to hear a story like that?

What they sound like: Like the raddest Spanish guitar you ever heard informed by modern rhythms, which they somehow manage to tap out on the guitar body while simultanaeously shredding the fuck outta their strings. If habanero peppers had a theme song, it would be this...

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Diablo Rojo
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Rodrigo y Gabriela

What I think: I absolutely cannot get enough of this. There is great music and then there is instrumental virtuosity... and these kids fall into the latter. Well, both actually... but you get my point ;)

27 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Sat.) / Mike Relm (Sat.)

Something (very very very) very old, Something quite rather new...

Red Hot Chili Peppers

***UPDATE: Ha! Check it out! I included the photo of the Peppers w/ their socks on their cocks from the cover of their "Abbey Road" E.P., but apparently Photobucket took offense at that. Prudes!***

Who they are: A group I never would have expected to still be around, relevant, and for cryin' out loud more popular than ever when I first started listening to them like 20 years ago... seriously... like 1987! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me, I'm fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin' oooooooooooooold...

What they sound like: I guess it's both a compliment and a criticism that they don't really sound all that different than they did, well, when Blood Sugar Sex Magik came out, which, as we have already determined, is quite some time ago... and just to prove my old skool steez, here's a b-side from the import CD single of "Taste the Pain" from the "Mother's Milk" album that I went out and bought at the CD store when I was in college, fuck me!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Show Me Your Soul
Red Hot Chili Peppers

What I think: Ya know, I'll never hate on the Chili Peppers, although to be honest they lost me at "Under The Bridge". I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Last time they played Coachella, we passed by them right after Underworld had pretty much unscrewed our skulls and blended our brains into frothy neuron smoothies... and they didn't seem to be all that interesting at the time :P


Mike Relm

Who he is: Another nerdy Asian turntablist from the bay area... who knew?

What he sounds like: The music, well, it's just some turntablist stuff, ya know... ok, but not mindblowing...

Mike Relm - Body Rock

What I think: ... but I've never seen a DJ rock it quite like this... guy uses the Pioneer DVD mixers in a hip-hop scratch fashion... pretty dang cool, especially for us geeks who like to geek out on geek stuff...

So this dude is definitely rad.

26 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - The Rapture (Sat.) / Ratatat (Sun.)

Hey everybody... hope you had a great weekend... mine kinda looked like this...

Yeah, the drive's a bitch every day, but I think it's well worth it...


Next, allow me to get a bit meta on you here and use the blog to talk about the blog. Up for two weeks and visitors already from Canada, Mexico, The UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia and The Czech Republic! Too freakin' cool! Y'all need to say hi, so I've switched the comments settings so that anyone can leave one. So please do ;)


All right, enough dilly-dallying. Time for some music.

The Rapture

Who they are: One of the first wave of the dance-punk bands, reppin' the "House of Jealous Lovers", NYC.

What they sound like: Like they've taken their game way up a notch. I would have easily dismissed them as one hit wonders after "House...", but fuck, this new album is reallllllly good. These boys might just have some staying power after all. There are also some genius remixes floating around out there... but here's an album cut.

The Rapture - Don Go Do It
The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love

What I think: In case you haven't figured it out, I'm highly recommending them. What's that you say? You hadn't figured it out? What are you, dense in the head? :P



Who they are: A couple more dudes also from NYC, who dabble in the rock + electronica thing.

What they sound like: Well, it's a little bit of the rock + a little bit of the electronica... and, well, it's kinda just okay from the few songs I've heard. However, they do some pretty rad remixes, so I thought I'd mix it up a bit and throw one of those at ya, 'cuz who don't love a little Biggie Smalls on a Monday morning?

The Notorious B.I.G. - Party and Bullshit (Ratatat Remix)

What I think: Hard to say, depends on what kind of set they play. If they've figured out a way to perform some of the remixes live, that would be very cool. I mean, all you gotta do is bring Biggie back from the dead... how hard can that be. They do that shit in movies all the time. It would be a lot more impressive than the Crowded House reunion, that's for sure...

25 March 2007

DJ Gig next Saturday in L.A.

For all my peepz in Hollyweird and beyond... come out and hear me this Saturday at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown... playing an old skool acid house/rave set... fun! Bring your glowsticks... I'm da one an' only dominata!!! :P

Human Resource - Dominator (Joey Beltram Mix)

23 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Pop Levi (Sat.) / Rage Against The Machine (Sun.)

Here's where I get flamed...

Pop Levi

Who he is: A Liverpudlian, which is a pretty funny word, you gotta admit...

What he sounds like: Got a kind of retro '60s rock thing going on with what sounds like a bit of electronics lurking under there somewhere perhaps kinda.

Pop Levi - Sugar Assault Me Now
Pop Levi - Sugar Assault Me Now - EP

What I think: I love to come up with something more clever and insightful than "meh", but I just cant rustle it up today :P


Rage Against The Machine

Who they are: Everyone's favorite ultra-left wing rap metal doodz.

What they sound like: Q: If I said that the only thing separating them from the Linkin Parks and Limp Bizkits of the world was a better guitar player and some freshman dorm politics, would I get my ass kicked? (A: Yes)

Rage Against The Machine - Renegades Of Funk
Rage Against the Machine

What I think: A good band. Like this song very much. But way overrated. Maybe it's because I'm just not into the angry music any more, maybe it's because I think their sound is really dated, maybe it's because I suck, but I'm just not nearly as excited about this "big reunion" as a lot of people. Musically, these guys were followers (of your previous day's headliners, for example), not innovators. It's not like you're going to hear of a whole generation of bands influenced by these guys, like you would for say, The Pixies. Or at least I haven't. But then again, maybe I don't know what the heck I'm talking about :P

22 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Pharoahe Monch (Sat.) / Placebo (Sun.)

Man, just a few days off and I can't even recall what day it is today... Wednesday? Thursday? Boxing Day? Vacation rules!

Pharoahe Monch

Who he is: A very well thought of underground MC from Queens, NYC. Very well thought of he says... how bourgeois sounding... "Yes, we think quite highly of Mr. Monch. He is a man of superb character and rich talent...". I totally spelled "bourgeois" right the first time, btw... Anyhoo, serious rap heads would also remember that he was part of the group Organized Konfuzion a few years back as well.

What he sounds like: Hmm... kind of like Roots Manuva without the British accent... or is that just me?

Pharoahe Monch - Let's Go
Pharoahe Monch

What I think: He's okay. Lotta love from other bloggers, putting him up there in "legendary" status, but I would quite go that far. But then again, I am a quite surly old curmudgeon...



Who they are: Another Brit Rock group that slipped through my radar, along with Pulp.

What they sound like: Another Brit Rock group, with kinda high nasally male vocals.

Placebo - Meds
Placebo featuring Alison Mosshart - Meds

What I think: They're okay. This song does have a quite undeniable, humorous-yet-not hook, don't it? Alot of folks are incredibly psyched about them playing at Coachella, but I wouldnt' go quite that far. But then again, I am a quite surly old curmudgeon...

And there you have it.

21 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Peeping Tom (Fri.) / Peter, Bjorn & John (Sat.)

I have to start off the day by giving a big ol' shout-out to my sister in bloggin', the fabulous Marsupial over at Benzaiten Music. If you want a little bit of actual information and insight along with your music, as opposed to the half-arsed, knee-jerk ramblings you get here, that is the place to go. Girl knows her stuff! (Well, she is a soon-to-be-big-time Music Supervisor in the film world, after all).

Now, back to your regularly scheduled mediocrity. The writing that is. Today's bands are pretty dang good.

Peeping Tom

Who they are: Mr. Mad Genius, Mr. Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Mr. Lovage, Mr. Mike Patton and a merry band of collaborators.

What they sound like: Well, with collaborators ranging from Amon Tobin to Bebel Gilberto to Kool Keith, the results are varied, but the good kind of varied.

Peeping Tom - Mojo (ft. Rahzel & Dan the Automator)
Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom

What I think: Me likey a lot. I don't know which of his various cohorts will join him on stage (heck, maybe even Bjork?), but it promises to be interesting. It's Mike Freakin' Patton, dangit! Dude's like, crazy!


Peter, Bjorn & John

Who they are: Yet another reminder that Swedish people are cute, in that "I wanna pinch your cheeks" kinda way.

What they sound like: What is it with the Swedish people and the pop music. They're just so dang good at it! But I promise to make it through describing a Swedish artist without mentioning Abba -- wait... d'oh! The problem I have with PB & J (fighting off the urge to pinch cheeks again) is that with a first single as genius and classic as "Young Folks", how the hell do you follow it up? I haven't found another song of theirs yet that quite compares.

Peter, Bjorn & John - I Don't Know What I Want Us To Do
Peter Bjorn and John

What I think: And the reason for that is because the singer's kinda off-key delivery, while soooo perfect for that song is a bit off-putting on some of their other tunes. Worth checking out, especially if you know how to whistle. Has there ever been a whistle-along at Coachella? Well, there will be this year!!!

20 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Ozomatli (Sat.) / Peaches (Fri.)

Ahhh... just got back from a Tuesday morning walk on the beach... because "Extra" is on hiatus... and because I can :P


Who they are: Los Angeles' best party band, 256 years running.

What they sound like: Latin + Funk + Hip-Hop + Shake Yo Booty, Beeyatch! They have a new record coming out in April, but I'm gonna take ya way back today. I remember when I used to go see these guys in small clubs in L.A. when they were just starting out, places where they would barely even fit on the stage (the original lineup having must have been a dozen members, including DJ Cut Chemist and MC Chali Tuna of Jurassic 5, who are no longer with them). Yup, I'm old school like that! Be all impressed and shit. This one was one of those original jams.

Ozomatli - O Le Le

What I think: Despite the fact that their lineup has gotten watered down over the years, I will refer you back to the "Who they are" section, and bid you good day.



Who she is: A dirty, dirty electroclash bitch... and damn proud of it!

What she sounds like: I was never a big fan of the electroclash back when it was all the rage (what, 3 years ago?), but this here song off her new album is kinda rockin' and good.

Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her
Peaches - Impeach My Bush

What I think: Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan, I can't see Peaches not being fun live.

Okay, back out to the beach...

19 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - The Noisettes (Fri.) / Of Montreal (Fri.)

If you came here looking for wisdom and knowledge, um, today is not your day :P

The Noisettes

Who they are: A British 3-piece. Apparently the singer does the same hang upside down treatment as Rosie O'Donnell. Oh jeez, did I just mention Rosie in my blog?!?! It'll take forever to get the taint out now!!

What they sound like: Kinda all over the place rock... this song alone has about 15 different sections. Of course, it's the only song of theirs I've ever heard. The rest of 'em could all be polka tunes for all I know...

The Noisettes - Mind The Gap
The Noisettes

What I think: Actually kind of like this, and that probably has almost everything to do with the girl vocals. Quality girl vocals will get Tone to forgive a lot in music. That's how sucky Deerhoof is, for example... they have girl vocals and I still hate 'em! Deerhoof shall never escape my wrath.


Of Montreal

Who they are: An Athens, GA band that is actually more or less one guy in the studio, but then he enlists his cohorts to go out and play live with him, because he finds out that he's not as cool as he thought and can't play all the instruments at the same time. Oh, NOW you ask for help, Mr. I-can-do-it-all-myself? Screw you, buddy!

What they sound like: Now, I thought, from what I'd heard, that this would be a lot weirder than the song posted here. But then again, for all I know...

Of Montreal - Suffer For Fashion
Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

What I think: Meh. But am I missing the plot? Help a brotha out!

See, told ya. Maybe I'll be of more use tomorrow :P

16 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Nickel Creek (Fri.) / The Nightwatchman (Sat.)

Blog-achella, being the public service that it is, sometimes makes it necessary for me to post music that I wouldn't normally give a rat's ass about. But I do it for the children. We must always think of the children!

Nickel Creek

Who they are: Strangely enough, they hail from Carlsbad, CA...

What they sound like: ... a place I would necessarily identify with acoustic country bluegrass pickin' and grinnin'.

Nickel Creek - When In Rome
Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?

What I think: Okay, we get it... the tie-in from Stagecoach. Willie Nelson is one thing, but it's getting kind of silly. Next!


The Nightwatchman

Who he is: Tom Morello, with a lame alias.

What he sounds like:
A bad Johnny Cash impression. Amazingly (me being such an interwebs ninja and all) I couldn't find a single mp3 anywhere to share with you. But the YouTubes came through for me.

What I think:


Okay, phew... that's done. But that just doesn't seem to be enough for a Friday. You deserve some bonus content... so... Super Mario Brothers!!!!!

Have an awesome weekend. With March Madness and St. Paddy's Day going on at the same time, here's a link that should come in handy on Monday. ;)

15 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Willie Nelson (Sun.) / New Pornographers (Sat.)

Who can blog when March Madness has started?

Okay, okay, I'll do it.

Willie Nelson

Who he is: America's favorite stoner.

What he sounds like: Surprisingly lucid!

Willie Nelson - We Don't Run
Willie Nelson - Songbird

What I think: Not a country music fan at all, but I'd rank Willie a strong yet distant #2 to my man Johnny Cash. It's kind of interesting how they are throwing in a few hold-overs from the next weekend's Stagecoach Festival. I wonder how it will go over... I imagine Willie will have a large crowd, though, and that the contact high will be especially pungent ;)


The New Pornographers

Who they are: Yet MORE Canucks, this time from Vancouver, where, oh so appropriately for this particular pairing, they actually have pot cafes! Bonus points for Neko Case being such a hottie.

What they sound like: More of that Indie Pop that seems to be the rage in Canada right now. When I was growing up, it seemed like the only music they had was The Tragically Hip... who rule, btw. If you disagree with that, I will fight you.

The New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Techno
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema

What I think: Not bad at all... well this song anyway. Didn't know these guys before, but I may have to investigate further...


And not that you care, but my Final Four picks are Georgetown, Texas A&M, Florida and Kansas, with the Jayhawks over the Hoyas in the finals... because it's 11:39...