29 October 2013

Da Plattas Dat Matta

One of my all-time faves in the Groovy-Ass Latin/African/Broken Beats That Make My Pants Happy genre, Da Lata has just released a new album. Huzzah! Grab this free sample, then go out and buy that shit...

Also, Shuffleupagus Radio is now rollin' five episodes deep, so don't sleep...

26 October 2013

21 October 2013

This. Shit. Cray.

Look, I'll be the first to admit that I'd never heard of Omar Souleyman until learning that my man Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet was producing his new record. I'm probably not alone in that, much like pretty much anyone who's not from Syria. All I know about Syria is that it's not on the top of my list of vacation destinations. I'm probably not alone in that either. But this seemingly bizarre team-up really brings the heat. Hebden doesn't make Souleyman's music a servant to his beats, but rather just gives the songs an oomph that makes you say "Yeah, this is pretty batshit crazy stuff, but you know what? I can get down." Record of the year contender...

And I've been told that Souleyman was the absolute highlight of this summer's FYF fest in LA. So that. Also, this:

Shuffleupagus Radio Ep. 04 by Shuffleupagus Radio on Mixcloud

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15 October 2013

It's The Newwwww Styyyyyyyle!

So, in an effort to get more posts in, I'm gonna go with a simplified Soundcloud vibe for a while. As much as I love the format I've kept to on this blog for six years now, the internet powers that be keep making it less easy for me to roll like that. It's like they don't want you to give away their music for free anymore, WTF?!? Plus those old posts took a good long time to put together, what with all the links and HTMLs and hoohahs and geegaws... and I quite frankly just don't have the time for that shit these days. I think the ever-dwindling post count speaks to that. And even though I'm all super-focused-on and vehemently encourage you to get on board with Shuffleupagus Radio, because it's gonna be fuckin' awesome, I just can't let the original Tonegents page go away completely. So I'm gonna save the traditional randomness for the radio show and redirect Tonegents to hip you to my current obsessions. And here's one now. You're not gonna hear me rave about new Jazz vocalists too often (with the exception of my boy Jose James), but damn... this Gregory Porter cat is the truth. Dig it...

So stick around... we'll still have some fun up in here. And dick jokes, of course. There will always be dick jokes...

14 October 2013

Three Is The (Something) Number

Episode 3 is live!

Shuffleupagus Radio Ep. 03 by Shuffleupagus Radio on Mixcloud

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11 October 2013

More Fine Cutler-y

Last summer I was super-chuffed to find in my inbox new music from The Cutler. Go ahead and read that old post for all the deets. Well, just this week I became super-chuffed once more to find that the guys had sent me a couple of delicious selections from their new remix compilation. And since I just saw Peter Kruder DJ last Saturday, I thought I'd share with you the one from Richard Dorfmeister. And if you don't know what that means, you have a lot of catching up to do, son...

Now go get it. Oh, and have you checked out Shuffleupagus Radio yet? Because you should do that...

08 October 2013

The Next Episode...

Epidose 2 is up!

Shuffleupagus Radio Ep. 02 by Shuffleupagus Radio on Mixcloud

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