24 December 2012

Facebook, Bitches!

Tonegents is on hiatus for the next couple of weeks, not that you'd notice what with my sporadic posting habits of late. But there will be all sorts of goodies posted at the Tonegents Facebook page throughout the break, so make sure you head over there and "like" that shit up if you like free music. Happy Holidays!

18 December 2012

I made a rap tune...

As you know, I inflict an original tune upon the world once in a while... but you may not know that I've always wanted to do Hip-Hop, but never had an MC to spit over my mad beats. BUT NO MORE! I ended up meeting Mr. Jarvis Miller... and if you can see his picture there, it's obvious that we are in fact twins separated at birth. Even I have a hard time telling us apart. IT'S FREAKIN' UNCANNY! Anyhoo, I made a beat, he made a rap and the results are pure Hip-Hop fucking magic if I do say so myself... okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but I think it turned out pretty good for a first shot. THE FIRST OF MANY! TAKOVER IN PROGRESS! RULIN' THE RAP GAME IN THE 1-3, YO! DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT! HERE COMES THE MAD FLAVA IN YOUR EAR! SMACK IT UP, FLIP IT, RUB IT DOWN, OH NO!

Ummm... okay. I'll work on my Hip-Hop lingo between now and the next one... and be sure to check out the rest of Jarvis' tracks. They, unlike this blog, are no joke, son...

17 December 2012

Hullabaloo 4: Merry To The Core

Ho Ho Ho, Pimps & Hoes!

It's time again for the sort-of-annual Tonegents Christmas Music Mix Specatacular, aka the Happy Holiday Hullabaloo. So, um, well... here it is. It's not for the kiddies, of course, because honestly I'm sick Christmas being all about those little pricks. Just click it, sit back, smoke a Christmas tree and get your egg nog on...

Hullabaloo 4: Merry To The Core by Tonegent on Mixcloud

Download Available Here!

Suck on that, Burl Ives... and have a great holiday, bitches.

07 December 2012

Make your "O" face...

Consider this an early Christmas present...

... courtesy of the man, the myth, the Sebastian Ciceri... a sultry, cinematic soudtrack for sexytime. Enjoy...

Sebastian Ciceri presents O-Mix 4

More presents coming very soon... have a good weekend!