12 November 2013

His Barck is worse than his... never mind

One of the main men in Jazzanova, Alex Barck is set to release his first solo album, called Reunion. He gave it that name because he recorded on the Island of Reunion, which is located off Madagascar and for some reason is technically part of France. So that must be amazing for them. I'll bet they totally brag about that at parties... Anyhoo, the whole thing is streaming on Soundcloud right now, and it's a super-deep trip. This one featuring vocals by Christine Salem is my favorite, I think...

And that segues rather nicely into the fact that the latest Shuffleupagus episode contains a Jazzanova remix. Boom...

Shuffleupagus Radio Ep. 07 by Shuffleupagus Radio on Mixcloud

See what I did there?

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