01 December 2010

Just doin' tha do, y'all

Once again at Tonegents, we are staying super hip... HIP-HOUSE THAT IS! GET GET GET - GET BUSY! GET GET GET - GET BUSY!

Psyche! No Mr. Lee today. I know, I know... a cruel taunt. But hey, if he was the king of Hip-House (and let's just say he was, otherwise my whole segue is facacta), then perhaps Betty Boo was the queen? Well... you know... if there was a single person in the entire world who actually gave enough of a shit to make such distinctions. Nope, Hip-House will not go down as the greatest of House music's many offshoots, and rightly so. But I've always liked this album, so suck on this...

Hey DJ / I Can't Dance (To That Music You're Playing) (ysi)

Tomorrow... not C & C Music Factory!

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