05 August 2013

Booze, Music and Chicks... Brazilian Style

We haven't visited Brazil in a while, have we?

I won't claim to be an expert on Samba... as a matter of fact, I know pretty much jack shit about Samba except that I like it and download some occasionally. You can't really dislike this music... it's so freakin' happy. I mean, I don't know any Portuguese or anything, but I'm almost positive that the lyrics to any and every Samba song ever go something along the line of "Let's grab a Caipirinha or twelve, go out to the streets and dance around with some beautiful naked girls"... but, ya know, I'm paraphrasing. Anyhoo, here's a tune from one Martinho Da Vila and it's quite nice to listen to...


Actually, I ran the song title through Babel Fish and it came out "Master, Arrests It's Cattle", so I'm gonna conclude that a) Babel Fish sucks or b) Brazilian folks have some pretty odd metaphors for getting drunk and freaky on the streets with naked girls. Anyone care to help me out on this?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brazil isn't a paradise to get drunk and freaky on the streets with naked girls, idiot.
Read more, I leave this tip to you. ;]