18 October 2011

Solo Surfer

Another solo project from another Austrian Downtempo Premier Leaguer today...

For some reason, I expect anyone named Wolfgang to live in a castle and walk around with big puffy white wigs on. I expect a Wolfgang to drink out of a goblet at all times and to have a set of hounds that he may release at will. I mean, don't you? Well you should. It's pretty obvious. Anyhoo, when Wolfgang Frisch isn't releasing the hounds all over some fool, he makes dope Downtempo beats... most notably as a member of Sofa Surfers, but here all on his owns.

Wolfgang Frisch - Jericho (ysi)

And because the world is sometimes a wellspring of serendipity, my shuffle landed on this track exactly four days after Wolfgang's brand new one has dropped. Check the deets on his website and go get that one, too...

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