18 November 2011

When Big Beat Walked The Earth

You remember that time don't you? When Fatboy Slim was King, Moby was Queen and Barack Obama was just another student in Muslim Socialist School in Kenya...

Supercharger weren't exactly superstars of the scene, but they put out a couple of nice records and were a good time live... I saw them open for Mr. Cook one time and they dressed up in full Victorian garb with the white wigs and all and did their thing. Jolly good. Based on the costumes, I gotta imagine that they considered this to be their theme song...

Sucpercharger - Bouffant Idiots (ysi)

FYI... in the U.S they had to go by the name Supersonic because an American band was already using Supercharger. SO SUCK ON THAT, ENGLAND!

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