30 July 2012

In which I do you a favor...

Funky white boys are all the rage nowadays, aren't they?

I mean, you got Jamie Lidell, Mayor Hawthorne, Ben Westbeech, that Benny Sings cat and all that lot. It's like the white guys of the world all decided at once that they wanna get laid, too. Nothing wrong with that. Look, I'm sure that knob-twiddling producers get their share of the ladies, but nothing matches some good old-fashioned crooning ability to get straight to sexytime. So Ladies, here comes Aussie ex-pat in L.A. Sam Sparro with some smooth-sounding pipes of his own...

Sam Sparro - Waiting For Time (ysi)

Your panties feeling loose yet?

(Look, I could have gone the "former child actor" route with the guy, but that just led me to Corey Feldman jokes and then I might have had to post of video of Corey Feldman's band... and you did NOT want that.)

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