18 October 2012

I'm Gonna Blog You, Sucka!

Honkies and Honkettes! Sit yo narrow asses down and listen up!

Was there ever a movie genre that produced as much classic original music as Blaxploitation? Hell no, nigga! Shaft, Superfly, Trouble Man... I could keep going... these albums would be among some of the best Funk records of all time even if the movies had never existed. And the great Willie Hutch's soundtrack for The Mack is right up there with the best. Dig it, crackas...

Willie Hutch - Slick (ysi)

Now, I'm almost embarassed to say this... but despite my love for the soundtrack, I don't think I've ever seen The Mack all the way through. How very white of me. But hey, what's this?

Hold on, I'm gonna grab some popcorn. You want some, too?

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