15 October 2012

The Song I Hear More Than Any Other Song

Okay, we're gonna try to get back on a regular posting schedule around here, since shit isn't quite so CRAAAAAAAY anymore...

So there's a reason I picked this particular song today... the way my iTunes is organized, this song just happens to be the very first song on the entire list. So every day, when I hop on there to shuffle it up and find a song for the blog, this song plays first. And since I literally hear at least a bit of this song every day, I think it deserves to be posted. Riveting story, eh? Here's the master of Congolese music, the dude so dope he has only one name... Franco...

Franco et l'OK Jazz - Mindondo Ya Kosuana (ysi)

Good freaking luck trying to find a copy of this record. But if you like the tune, you'll love this. If you don't like the tune... well, bite me then. XO

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