18 April 2013

WTF Is A Gigouille?

Obscure French Funk? Oui, S'il vous plait! Did I spell that right? (Quickly checks) YES! NAILED IT, MOTHERFUCKER!

Bernard Estardy was a French dude who mostly did Library music... and that's really all I know about the backstory, as I do not speak French. But I do know that he put out this album under his own name, and it's pretty fucking amazing. I'd think the record had been sampled more than it has... somebody needs to get on that, because there's shit like this going on...

Bernard Estardy - La Gigouille (ysi)

But I don't want you to think that more-or-less straightforward Funk track is ALL there is going on... it's really a unique set. Probably the most famous track from the album is this one, which you'll agree is, well, something completely WTF... in a good way. I think the Chemical Brothers sampled that one... because of course they did.

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