28 July 2010

It's been an eternity since the last record, fo sho.

It's a welcome Hip-Hop return in today's episode of Tonegents...

Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek have reunited after several years to release a new Reflection Eternal record... huzzah! It's a heady one, too... not a lot of boom-bap going on, but I'm diggin' it on first listen. Here's one in which we are encouraged to say no to teh drugz to a sorta '70s coolin' out summer jam vibe...

Reflection Eternal - Lifting Off (ysi)

... of course, my only question is... if you're so not getting high, who is it takin' that bong rip at the beginning of the song, eh? EH? Oh, everybody's all quiet now. I'M ONTO YOU! Also, pass that shit... :P

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