30 July 2010

Donde esta Museo del Jamon?

It's been more than a while since House Music Friday brought a proper big room choon to ya, so get ready to hang with the shirtless dudes...

... because that's who's in the big room and that's probably why you're not, let's be honest. I do not enjoy wearing your man-sweat, guy. Put that shit back on. Anyhoo, here's a down and (literally) dirty number from Madrid-based DJ/Producer John Shelvin and his manly grill. Madrid is actually one of the few European cities I've been to. Loved it, but I've never eaten so much ham in my life. They put ham in the coffee in Madrid, I shit you not. What does that have to do with this record? Nothing. OR DOES IT????

John Shelvin - F_ck Me (ysi)

Nope. Absolutely nothing to do with ham. Fooled ya, didn't I? You know, this seems like the kind of tune that would have a sexy video with boobies in it, but that seems not to be the case. Dude was probably too busy gorging himself on ham. Ham, ham, ham. Have a great weekend, kids...

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