14 June 2011

Word to the Nerd

Today's question... phony rappers or funny rappers?

Like most 40-year-old men, I've been a fan of MC Chris since his fierce, heartfelt portrayal of MC Pee Pants in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cartoons (talk about Emmy snubs!), but that probably goes without saying. But with an artist like this, the question is... is this dude a joke or just a dude with jokes? I vote the latter. Much like I've noticed recently with Das Racist, sure it's all silly on the surface but there are some damn clever rhymes in there and fearlessly interesting production to boot. That's why you get a song about working at Arby's that's more interesting and lyrically deep than anything I've heard from someone like Jay-Z, since I dunno... ever?

MC Chris - Potato Cakes (ysi)

Now, being as nerdy as he is (after all, there are those that call this kind of rap Nerdcore), there are all sorts of fan-made videos and whatnot for MC Chris jawns, probably the most popular of which follows...

Yup, that's pretty damn nerdy. Kinda love it...

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