07 June 2011

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Sorry the posting's been light around here... I've been rather busy this past week trying to destroy all of cock shots Anthony Weiner has sent me on Facebook. Dude is incorrigible. Honestly, I think he could have avoided this whole kerfuffle if he'd just done his homework... everyone knows the best place to post your cock shots is on LinkedIn...

I'm not sure whether to introduce Prince Fatty as a dude or a band, because seemingly it's both. But he's not the one singing. He's sort of a mastermind of sorts. And if we're being honest, I can't tell you if this album as a whole is good or awful. Haven't listened to it yet (although a quick check of the personnel would hint that it is very, very good)... but it doesn't really matter because this Cypress Hill cover is genius enough to make it worth it your while regardless...

Prince Fatty - Insane In The Brain (ysi)

Okay, so now I have equalled last week's post total. Huzzah! Tea and decorative cakes for everyone!

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