09 August 2011

Dutch oven joke, anyone?

I guess it's not THAT odd for quality Hip-Hip to come out of a country that's famous for it's marijuana, but still...

I think we can all agree that, when you're talking about the hotbeds of Hip-Hop in this world, the first place that comes to anyone's mind is, of course, The Netherlands. What? Oh, did I say Hip-Hop? I meant pointy wooden shoes. And tourists fucked up on mushrooms falling into assorted bodies of water and drowning. Right. But Dutch Hip-Hop? Well, there is Nicolay, and he's rapidly becoming my favorite producer. For this record from a couple years back, he teamed up with the relatively unknown rapper Kay out of Houston... because having an actual Dutch rapper would be keeping it too real, no? Because then you get lyrics like this:
Je weet dat er meer is, dan gewoon maar wat lauws,
Als je rode biefstuk smaakt, naar stroganofsaus.
Je voelt je overhoop, en wanhopig benauwt,
Gezichtskleur, zicht, je loopt ook wat blauw.

Now that's what I call droppin' science. Or it could be a pastry recipe. I got no fuckin' idea, which I believe proves my point...

Nicolay & Kay - I've Seen Rivers (ysi)

Fo realsies, though, do yourself a favor and pick up anything you see with this guy's name on it on sight, especially this new live thing when it's out next week. Should be tasty indeed...

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