03 August 2011

Mice Are From Mars, Cats Are From Venus

Yeah, maybe I should have posted this one during the recent Women's World Cup (you know how I like to be on-the-fucking-nose like that), but honestly you wouldn't have been able to enjoy the music over the sound of the US team choking. Yep. I went there. THAT'S A WOMEN'S SOCCER TAKE, CLONES! STEP YO GAME UP! (Any Jim Rome fans reading this blog? Didn't think so...)

Anyhoo, Mouse On Mars! Two German dudes who have been churning out quality tunes for quite some time now and who I'd put up there in stature not far from the BoCs and Autechres of the world as far as props in the IDM-ish idiom. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds kind of erudite, no? Vocabulary, bitches!

Mouse On Mars - Saturday Night Worldcup Fieber (ysi)

I would imagine that if you actually put a mouse on Mars, something like this would happen...

And thus ends your dignified, scholarly music criticism of the day. So, suck on that...

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