15 May 2012

We're So Ghetto

Now what do you call that type of music again? You know, like this one here... whaddaya call that?

Rephrase is the nom-de-funke of Sydney-based producer Jamie Olsen and the music he makes falls into the same subgenre as recent post subject Pure P... a subgenre of sample-heavy, break-riddled, bass-driven funkiness that didn't really have a name for me until I came across this amazing website dedicated to it called Ghetto Funk. White people just love thinking they're ghetto, don't they...

Rephrase - Jellyjam (ysi)

But anyhoo, if you like the sound, you need to put Ghetto Funk up at the top of your bookmarks because that site is the absolute definitive, um, site. Absolutely. Don't sleep...

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