14 May 2013

A Not-So-Amazing Review of An Amazing Show

For a low-to-mid level music blogger, I go out to surprisingly few shows. Chalk it up to the fact that I'm old and spend most of my time TELLING THOSE GODDAMN KIDS TO GET OFF MY LAWN! But I actually made it out last Saturday a couple weeks ago, and it was a good one...

Yeah, fucking Bonobo. Holy shit. An act that's basically one dude plus vocalists in the studio throws down live with a something like 12 piece band including a horn section, string section, live drummer... all of which were, let's just say, fucking good at music. It's taken so long to get this post up that I won't try to give you a detailed review. It was just a mesmerising display of stellar musicianship. Let's just say that if you have the chance to see this show and miss it, YOU ARE BAD AT LIFE!

Bonobo - Emkay (ysi)

I wanted to take some video of my own, but I was way too out-of-my-mind stoned from this teeeeny-tiiiiny little pot brownie my friend gave me.

"It's waffer theen!"

I actually forgot it was possible to get that high off the weed. And of course after I tell you about the huge band I'm gonna post a vid of the one song that he plays practically by himself. You're used to that kind of thing from this blog by now, I'd imagine... But anyhoo... Holy moly. Good times. And apparently everyone else there was too fucked up to shoot anything as well, because I can't find a damn thing from the L.A. show on YouTube. So here's a clip from Boston, where it seems that their lighting rig was a little less LED-riffic, but still...

So basically, my entire review of the concert is "It was very good". You're welcome, world.

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