31 May 2013

The Funktathlon

Summer, bitches! Time for grilled meats, cold beers and funky tunes. And here's a shitload of 'em. I'm bringing back the 2-CD set (CD's? CDeez Nutz!) with this 2+ hour badboy. If you can't shake your shit to this, you are probably deceased. You'll hear a few old chestnuts in there that you've heard many times before... but this one is a party rocker, not a chin stroker. Have a listen and a download and lemme know how ya like it...

The Funktathlon - Side A - The Soul Brother by Tonegent on Mixcloud

The Funktathlon - Side B - The Pimp Daddy by Tonegent on Mixcloud

And here's a random track from the set, offered separately so this post will show up on Hype Machine. I'm such a bitch like that...

The Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes Of Funk (ysi)

Get down!

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