05 January 2012

The smoking lamp is lit

That's some old sailor jargon, from what my dad tells me. Tonegents = edutainment at it's finest!

We return once again to the L.A. beat scene today, this time with Mr. Ras G, one of the more out-there producers of the whole deal. This dude is on some Sun Ra shit in case you couldn't guess from the title of the record. It's a very weird listen, this record... but it makes more sense with some huge bowls of super sticky dank bud small, controlled doses medical marijuana legally procured to treat a valid physical ailment. Or so I've heard...

Ras G & The Alkebulan Space Program - Ancestrial Echoes (ysi)

... but I'm pretty sure that's exactly what Ras intended, so he probably won't be mad at me for sayin' it. Fire it up, yo...

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