11 June 2012

More Sides Than KFC

Today, a dude that I would say has a plethora of side projects if A) he had an actual main project and B) I knew what "plethora" meant...

Yohimbe Brothers was a project teaming up Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, a guy who seemingly never met a one-off collaboration he wouldn't fuck, and Philly's DJ Logic, a fine turntablist who has unfortunately become a fixture on the jam band circuit as of late... so he seemingly has never meant a mushroom-gobbling white girl with hairy ampits that he wouldn't fuck. But that's neither here nor there. What is relevant is that I'm going to see yet another Reid one-off, something called Spectrum Road, at the Playboy Jazz Fest this weekend. And that's obviously why the shuffle chose this track, so suck on it...

Yohimbe Brothers - Tenemental (ysi)

I got Vernon Reid (and the rest of the band for that matter) to autograph my ticket after a Living Colour show quite a few years back. True story. You wanna be me, don't you?

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