30 June 2012

Because I am a giver...

Some of you, probably not very many, may be aware that I have a Soundcloud page, upon which I have posted various dodgy original tunes from time to time. As you may imagine, this page is sparsely visited and rightly so... except for this tune here, which for some reason has well over a thousand listens. Obviously, someone posted it somewhere... but I have no idea how to find out where. Anyone got any tips on that? Is that some info I have to pay for? 'Cuz that ain't happenin'. Google searches have been fruitless. Anyhoo, since this one has become "popular" and I could never release it for purchase (not that anyone would actually pay "money" for my music) due to the non-clearable 40 Year Old Virgin sample, I've decided to set it free to return to nature. In other words, here's a free download. You're welcome, world.

Handsome devil, aren't I?

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