14 December 2009

Humperdinck in da House!

Sorry I missed House Music Friday last week. I was, um... meeting with Gloria Allred to figure out just how much hush money I can get out of Tiger Woods. I'm sure you understand. So... you think you can handle the House on Monday?

There is nothing, nada, and also jack shit out there for info on this Arif Vega person, so I'm just going to assume it's an alias for Englebert Humperdinck, whom I've always heard is a closet House head. Smokin' Beats, however, is in fact a real record label that's been around for a while, and although this is my first record from them, I think I may look into their output a bit more deeply. Because... not bad...

Arif Vega - I Wanna Be (Smokin' Beats Funk Dub) (ysi)

Nice work, Englebert. You sexy bitch, you...


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