03 November 2010

France would be great if it wasn't for all the French.

I think that's a statement we can all agree on, no?

Usually, the only problem I have with French Rap music is, well... it's all the fucking French. I can't understand that shit. Which is problematic in a form of music where the words are actually somewhat important. So I guess one reason I'm feelin' Jazz Liberatorz so much is that they employ mostly American MCs on their records, dudes who definitely do not speak French. Well, as far as I know they don't... I don't know what electives Mos Def or Aloe Blacc took in college. Anyhoo, these guys sling some real nice, laid-back, jazzy (No shit, really?) tracks and have put out 2 of my favorite Hip-Hop records of the last few years. Don't sleep...

Jazz Liberatorz - The Process (ysi)

The vocals on that one were by this gal, if you're scoring at home. And I just realized that for some reason this mp3 is cut in the wrong place and has about 30 seconds of the next song on the album stuck to the end of it. Woopsie. But hey, the point of this blog is for you to go out and buy the record, SO YOU'LL TAKE YOUR FUCKED UP MP3 AND YOU'LL LIKE IT! Plus it's another nice groove, so there's that...

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