19 February 2013

Better than a glass of grass juice.

My new place is right across the street from a Whole Foods. I went over there for a breakfast snack this morning. They don't have donuts, but they have hemp bagels. The fuck is wrong with these people?

Now, I know what you're thinking... you're thinking with a band name like Organic Grooves, you're in for some hippie-dippie fuckin' Sound Tribe Sector 9-type bullshit, amiright? Some Whole Foods Gluten-Free Funk, if you will. You would be pretty likely to avoid it like a grainy soy tube vegan "hot dog". But I'm here to tell you, that would be a mistake! Because despite the unfortunate name, these guys put out four or five QUALITY records as the flagship act of the NYC-based Codek label/collective a few years back. Basically a rotating cast of characters, many of which who ultimately folded into the Turntables On The Hudson camp, their combination of dirty live sounds and smooth electronic beats and bobs was a true example of how to do it right...

Organic Grooves - Caveman Cum Spaceman (ysi)

The Organic Grooves records are a challenge to find these days... EVEN I THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TONE(!) have never found even a digital copy of the first. Someone wanna help a brother out?

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