28 February 2013

I am a little ball of hate.

Anybody who's been hating on Seth McFarlane's job hosting the Oscars can go fuck themselves. There, I said it.

What's that have to do with this particular roots Reggae song by Cimarons? Not a goddamn thing. But I can't remember for the life of me what idea I had for the "words" part of this post. I totally had one, but it's further gone than Deadmau5's steet cred. There, I said it. Dude's a clueless, egotistical little cunt that makes mediocre kiddie music. Can you tell I'm in a mood to vent some spleen today? Maybe this tune will help. Reggae's always got that positive vibration, mon...

Cimarons - Free As Life

Nah, didn't work. So fuck Mumford & Sons, too.

1 comment:

benjaminbutty said...

Haha, made me chuckle....loved the song and in a similar venting mood to yourself it was exactly what I needed :(