08 February 2013

Willfully Obscure (And It Feels So Good)

Bloggers like me love when they can give you something we can be almost certain that you probably haven't heard before. Makes us feel all special and deep and shit. So here's one now..

The Grassy Knoll was a '90s Jazz/Downtempo outfit headed by exotically-named multi-instrumentalist Bob Green. And they're a good example of what happened in the late '90s when people who played real instruments started dabbling with Downtempo Electronica. In a good way, though. Some would hear that description, think Acid Jazz, and rightly run away. There were a lot of failed attempts at this sound, to be sure, what with all sorts of tepid beats and meaningless noodling. But this stuff has a nice, dark edge and funkiness to it. Dare I say, slept on. Dig it...

The Grassy Knoll - 1961 (ysi)

So score one for your iTunes collection and one for my sense of self-importance. WIN/WIN BABY!

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