07 February 2012

Blog-achella-geddon 2012!: Tom Brady Can Suck It

Gotta start this post with four simple words that equal excellence: New. York. Football. Giants! Another great win and another amazing game. I bet Tom Brady went home and cried himself to sleep on his supermodel...

See, that's why I hate that guy. EVEN WHEN HE LOSES, HE WINS! Fuckin' prick. I hope Welker moustache rapes him. Anyhoo, in celebration here's a NY band. How's THAT for on-the-nose?

The Rapture

Who they are: One of the bands that started the whole Dance-Punk revival (or whatever the hell you want to call it) waaaaaaaaay back near the dawn of the century.

What they sound like: A little bit o' Rock, a little bit o' Dance, and a whole lot o' catchy... which is scientifically proven to be a solid formula when done right. And these guys certainly do it right...

The Rapture - Never Die Again (ysi)

What I think: Although the new record didn't give me the hugest boner on first listen, there's definitely plenty to like. Plus, unlike a lot of these whippersnapper bands that are playing this thing, these guys actually have something called a "catalog", which comes in handy. Don't miss 'em...


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