16 February 2012

Blog-achella-geddon 2012!: Get Yo Mope On

Am I going all soft on ya? You be the judge...

I was gonna do a post on Explosions In The Sky, as I like 'em well enough... but I find the post I did on them back in '07 to be hee-larious and you should just read that. Because I KILL ME!

(Slaps knee repeatedly)

Then we have the musical turd burgler known as Afrojack. This video tells you everything you need to know about this assclown...

Yep. Nailed it. Those are all real songs, btw... Just fucktastic shittery, wouldn't you agree?

But hey, I'm sure there are people that would say the same about this next act, but 1) this isn't their blog and 2) I heard they had Herpes...

Mazzy Star

Who they are: You know who they are and you know you fuckin' love "Fade Into You" when you're feelin' all grey and moist so stop hatin', haterz.

What they sound like: You'll be surprised to hear that their new album is being produced by... Afrojack! Ok, not really... Did I get any of you on that one? Huh? Did I? No?

Mazzy Star - Lay Myself Down (ysi)

What I think: I don't think there's anything wrong with liking Mazzy Star. Hope Sandoval has a great voice so fuck off...

See what I did there? Dropped a little 120 Minutes on your ass. Boom. YOU CANNOT RESIST!

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