18 July 2007

Hope for a generation

And here is one of my favorite bands of the last couple years, courtesy the best DJ selecta in the world...

Fat Freddy's Drop are a reggae/dub band from New Zealand, of all places, made up mostly (I believe) of mostly native Maori dudes, and led by singer Joe Dukie, whose vocals have appeared on a bunch of cool tracks by other folks as well. Seeing their full-length, "Based On A True Story" won the Worldwide Winners Album of the Year a couple years back, it's no surprise that this track comes courtesy of one of Gilles' many compilations for Trust The DJ (always good advice by the way... in that respect, we're like doctors and stuff... so, girls, you know it's totally cool if we see you naked :P ). Tried to but had no luck on details for this version though, which I say because it is almost completely different than the album song of the same name. I think it may be live, but no matter... because it's fantastic...

Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope

Kiwis feel da jah vibe too!

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