23 July 2007

Let's just get right into it, shall we?

I'm not going to ease you into the week... Monday already slaps you upside the head like you said something nasty about it's momma anyway, so what's the point?

The Fabric label, run by the London superclub, sure is prolific... but I guess you can throw down to license all the tracks you want when you charge $30+ a head for admission. Between the Fabric Series and the Fabriclive Series, we must be up close to 70 freakin' volumes from every good DJ under the sun. And I really haven't heard a bad one yet - but choice DJs tend to play choice tracks, eh? On their turn, the Stanton Warriors throw down the breaks biznezz in very lovely fashion, and this track, their remix of German artist Wahoo, gets top prize from me... especially with the lyrics exhorting the geeky punters nodding their heads around the edge of the dance floor to wake the hell up and get and get a girl to dance with, for Pete's sake!!

Wahoo - Make 'Em Shake It (Stanton Warriors Mix)

Wahoo have their first full-length out soon... that should be a good one.

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