03 July 2007

World Exclusive!!!!

Okay, so I know how the other blogs pride themselves when they get exclusive tracks. "The band themselves just sent me this from their forthcoming split EP and OMG it the AWESOMEST SONG EVARRR!!!!"... and then follows hours of vigorous masturbation to the glowing comments of the adoring indie kids. And hey, I want some of that! So here is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE TRACK, found ONLY HERE on the Tonegents blog! I'm TOTALLY in with the artist man, they're my BFF and shit! So without further ado, the brand new -- unsoiled by human ears -- world exclusive (did i mention it was WORLD EXCLUSIVE?!?!?!) first ever listen to the new song by...



Tonegent - Respirasol

Ah, c'mon... don't act all disappointed! It's kinda good, I think! I just finished it yesterday... call it ambient breaks, I guess...

Let me know how you like it... all comments will be greatly appreciated!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog - only discovered recently. Your composition: I would happily listen to and enjoy it as incidental to a visit to a cocktail lounge or some such venue - I know one or two others who would like it more and will pass it on ...
the hello summer compilations enjoy spin time down here in south africa ... even though its winter.
Chris A