20 September 2007

A case of mistaken identity!

Ever get a record to find out that this band's name is named like the other band's name? I'll explain...

So, I picked up this album by Leeds, UK band Stateless, thinking it was a new record by Swedish Electronica/Nu-jazz artist Stateless, whose first one I liked quite a bit. But it wasn't! D'oh! (Actually I didn't even realize they were different until I did some reading, because I rarely check the liner notes, because I know it all, don't I?) Lucky for me, however, the British dudes are pretty good, too. They have a vox/bass/drums/dj/keyboards line-up, and if forced to make lame comparisions, I'd say they sound sorta like Coldplay meets DJ Shadow, which I know sounds a bit scary, but don't be afraid! Check it out for yourself...

Stateless - Prism #1

I'd say they're just good enough to not catch on in the States, because most people in the States prefer shit music. That's a compliment to the band, btw... :P

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