27 September 2007

The other half speaks

So, just a little while ago, I posted on Phil Hartnoll of Orbital's Long Range project and promised a follow up on brother Paul's new release... Voila!

Actually, this one came out first... who knew? Okay, lots of people did, just not me. But anyway, here we go. If you ever saw Orbital live, you know that Paul Hartnoll was stationed in the back, seemingly doing the heavy lifting as Phil ponced about up front. And listening to their respective solo albums, Paul's is definitely more deep and cinematic than Long Range, which I noted got close to being a bit too poppy at times. As a matter of fact, The Ideal Condition has a whole lot of orchestra and live instruments going on... so naturally I picked the one album on the track that has none...

Paul Hartnoll - Patchwork Guilt

Yep, here too, you can tell that this is an Orbital by-product. Which is a very good thing. I find it quite interesting how now, after hearing each of the brothers' solo work, you can really tell what parts of Orbital songs may have been contributed by whom. Or maybe I'm just full of shit. Either way, both Hartnoll brothers have put out solid releases and I'll definitely recommend them both... but still hope deep inside that they get back together (at least for a bit) in the future...

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