13 September 2007

The Madness and Me

So, does one half of Orbital sound half as good as Orbital?

Longrange is the much-awaited, by me anyways, new project by Phil Hartnoll of Orbital and, um... some other guy. Now, Oribital is maybe my favorite electronic act ever, so the big question is... how does it stack up? The answer... decently. There is certainly a whole lot of the Orbital lushness in there, which is good... but it's kinda lacking an edge, which for me is not as good. A lot of the songs with vocals are getting a little close to pop, but since Phil was always the mincy one, I suppose that was to be expected. This one is my fave so far... kind of the "Belfast" of this album, if you will...

Longrange - Lie Down
Long Range - Madness and Me

So yeah, that's not too bad at all... waiting for Paul's project to drop now... whose will be better? Stay tuned!

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