18 September 2007

It's nosis that's hip, see?

A track from an out-o-print jazz record I picked up over at the amazing blog Orgy In Rhythm (named after an Art Blakey album, so don't get yer hopes up, pervos :P ), and just had to share this track with you...

In my Jazz education, I haven't heard a whole lot about sax man Jackie McLean but I did read that he was hooked on the smack at one time, so of course he's got some game! This track here rides on a mesmerizing, subtly funk piano line and is just 11 minutes of sheer greatness... it really lives up to it's title...

Jackie McLean - Hipnosis

How has music like this been allowed to fall out of print when I can still readily purchase a Nickelback album just about anywhere? Because God is dead, that's why.

(Just kidding to make a point there, God! Don't smite me, please!)

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