03 September 2007

Laboring on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day (to those here in the U.S.). Ironically, I am working today. So sucks to be me.

Since it's sorta unofficially the last day of summer, here's a song that couldn't be more appropos... Puracane is one of those groups that fit the classic Trip-Hop template, i.e. cute girl in front singing, pasty dude in the back twiddlin' the knobs. They've only released one album thus far that I know of, but it's a really good one, right up there with the best work of Morcheeba and all that lot. How a group like that decided to cover Jane's Addiction I can't figure out, but damn if it doesn't work splendidly...

Puracane - Summertime Rolls
Puracane - Things You Should Leave Alone

So, on this here job today, I just got to meet famed conservative blowhard Tucker Carlson, and although I certainly don't agree with the dude's politics, I must say, he's a terribly nice fellow. I'm sure he eats babies and stuff when he's not being all professional, though... positive of it. Remember when he got pwned!!1!! by Jon Stewart on live TV?

I guess if he keeps being nice to me, I won't have to bust out this clip on him... but he better watch out, 'cuz I'm ready to throw down!

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