25 September 2007

Is paraffin a good smell or bad? Discuss.

How about some slightly obscure Trip-Hop today?

Although I do hate the term... not sure why, because I was very into the sound... and heck, I still am. Hate me if you must. And while this record is kinda obscure, it's very, very good. Ruby was singer Leslie Rankine and knob-twiddler Mark Walk (who rolls with Skinny Puppy these days), and Salt Peter was their debut, in which they out-Garbaged Garbage, if you know what I mean. But alas, they didn't stick around nearly as long as Shirley Manson and the boys, but then again they veered more into darkness and industrial...ness where Garbage went all rock guitar Top 40 yer ass. (Industrialness... hmmm, is that a word? Well screw it, it is now!) Anyhoo, here's a song... you'll see what I mean...

Ruby - Paraffin

I think I saw these guys live at some point but I'm not really sure. Which is my mid-to-late '90s in a nutshell. Yep.

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