30 June 2008

Who's up for a three-way?

A three-way collaboration that is! Because... ah, fuck it. It's a cheap pun. But it's Monday, so I really don't know why you'd expect any better...

Anyhoo, this is a three-country three-way, which makes it extra sexy. We got Jazzanova from Germany with Vikter Duplaix representin' Philly on vocals remixed by Broken Beat guru Domu of England. For some reason I always seem to think Domu is part of Bugz In The Attic, but he's not... aren't you glad I shared that insight with you?

Jazzanova - Soon (Domu's Ill Dub) (ysi)

That's some smooth stuff right there. You know an album's good when a track like that is number 11 on the CD! And lacking any comedy gold for you this morning, I will bid you good day...

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