12 February 2010

Blog-achella X: CBR Me ASAP!

Do you believe it? Two good acts in a row on the Coachella poster? Geddafuckouddaheah! I kid, I kid... but no skippies today because next on the list is...

Corinne Bailey Rae

Who she is: The young British songstress that, with her debut album a couple of years back, exploded onto the scene so hard that the Grammys even got some on 'em.

What she sounds like: Smooth soul with warm, organic instrumentation. The new album has a bit of a Zero 7 feel to it with the arrangements... which is, if you're scoring at home, a fielder's choice good thing...

Corinne Bailey Rae - Feels Like The First Time (ysi)

What I think: I love it and think she'd make an amazing early evening, second stage act. Just as it's getting cooler out, a nice chill set before you go get all sweaty with Hot Chip or get your brains blasted out (in a good way, mind you) by Faith No More...

Plus she's a cutie... Have a great weekend!

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