21 January 2011

Blog-achella Goes to '11: The One Jake(s)

I'd say we're off to a good start this year... I don't even have to skip anyone today. And that so rarely happens when we're down in the small print. Added bonus... more Dubstep!


Who he is: I hadn't heard of this bloke before, but he seems to be a pretty well-established producer and also runs the Hench label, which I have heard of. So I guess I'm halfway hip, right?

What he sounds like: So I picked up his record, The Jakes Project, and it's split between some wikkid jump-up Drum & Bass and dirty down-low Dubstep. Both done rather well I might add. I'm sure you can guess which one you're about to hear... and I'm pretty convinced that, on a proper system, the bass in this tune might actually liquify your bone marrow...

Jakes - Calypso (ysi)

What I think: I think guys like this are why I do Blog-achella, whether or not I actually go to the show (I'm going to try very hard to at least make it for Sunday this year... it's harder to make the investment of both time and $$ when you're an old fart like me). It's about finding your new favorites, and Jakes fits that bill. Here's the man in action...

I didn't say it was great footage of the man in action, now did I? But you get the idea... ruff bidnezz. Have a great weekend...

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