28 January 2011

This Shit Is Ridiscolous!

Hot Mix Action! Here's one I did for NYE but never actually got to play out. Long story. Disco classics, re-edits & versions plus some bonus '80s moustache love. It's too long to put on a CD, which is pretty gay, and the mixing is a bit dodgy in spots... but I did this in one take, so deal with it. Besides, it's guaranteed to make your pants wanna dance. Disco love. Let's get high and make plans to start a business...

Tonegent presents "Ridiscolous"

(Supa Disco DJ Mix - 99:46 - 182.7Mb @ 256kps)

Can't do a track listing because this thing will be pulled down right quick if I do. Turns out there's one song on here that the record company does not want you to hear, even though its 30 years old. I can only imagine what an awful dent in sales would be caused by me putting it in this mix. THE HORROR! But you can always drop me a note with any track ID questions. Enjoy!

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