05 January 2011

Tone's Ten Top Of Ten!

Greetings and Happy New Year, except for the assorted Jews and Chinese and other folks for whom it's not yet the new year and it's also like the year 6843 or something. Whatever. I'm going to try to start things off in 6843 2011 by doing something I've never done before, the yearly review. Not quite a Top Ten list, because I'm not presumptuous enough to believe that I know or have even heard the 10, 20, 100, whatever number of best songs made by humans (and Die Antwoord) in the last year... more like a 10 that were top, if you get my drift. Except that there are 20. But in 10 parts. The fuck? Exactly. So strap in for Tone's Ten Top Of Ten!

Part 1: Indie Pop Perfection

Aside from my upcoming and completely unsurprising choice for Single of the Year, Pop Music in 2010 for me was dominated by two songs that I guess you would file under Indie Pop. Honestly, what people call Indie Pop should be just called Pop and the Chart Pop should just be called Bollocks. Because as I've mentioned before, I've become unfortunately reaquainted with Chart Pop this year and that stuff is, wait for it... bollocks... for the most part. But we'll get to that in a few posts. Now what the hell were we talking about?

Oh, right...

The year was a tale of two tunes, with the first half being ruled by a tune from a band from Northern Ireland that was remixed by some Brazilians and released on a French label. How's that for some Benetton ad shit? Here's Two Door Cinema Club and The Twelves with a song that blew me away at first listen and hasn't stopped blowing me since. Away that is...

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix) (ysi)

How 'bout that Benetton joke for a dated reference? Does Benetton even exist any more?

But just when "Something Good..." looked like it would dominate the entire year, The Ting Tings dropped a single from their (still) forthcoming second album, and I was all like, "Two Door what?"

The Ting Tings - Hands (ysi)

After delivering "That's Not My Name" on record one and now this beaut on record two, I gotta think maybe these guys stick around for a while. Or the rest of the new record could suck balls. We'll find out soon enough.

And thus ends part one of Tone's Ten Top Of Ten. Get it now? Well, maybe after a couple more...

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