31 August 2007

Shake your stuff, people

Love, love, love this band...

Hailing from Berlin, Sonar Kollektiv act Micatone have put out three vastly unappreciated albums of nu-jazz goodness in the past few years. With a band full of seasoned pros and the sultry vocals of Lisa Bassenge, they just turn out some smooth, growed-up club music. Some of their tunes are awesome live band broken beat stylins, but this is more of a fun, almost pop, tune. Why this kind of music doesn't dominate the radio, I'll never know...

Micatone - D-d-d-d-dance
Micatone - Nomad Songs

... oh wait, I remember why not. Because most people like shitty music. But not y'all! That's why you're here readin' my little blog. You guys are the cool kids. Random fact - would you believe that one of the guys in this band also plays with Front 242 of all people? Weird!

Have an awesome weekend. Here in the U.S. it's 3 days for Labor Day, which means most of this country will be drunk for the next 72 hours, so don't expect to get much done :P


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