23 July 2009

"Summer" Songs week - Baseball and Billie

Big Up to Mark Buehrle of the White Sox for the sweet perfect game today. How friggin' "summer" is that?

You can't really do a cheesy theme week about "Summer" songs without including some version of "Summertime", as it might be, oh... one of the best songs ever written. But which one of the approximately 8,000,000 versions to use? Now, I know you were probably hoping for Perry Como's take, which is straight heat, but I thought I'd go a little newer and hit you with the Billie Holiday remix, because you can't go wrong sampling Lady Day. Organica are no one of any import and have a pretty lame moniker, but even they can't fuck up such good source material...

Billie Holiday - Summertime (Organica Remix) (ysi)

I was really hoping the YouTubes had some Perry Como I could drop on you, but like most of the Tampa Bay hitters today, I struck out on that one. (See what I did there? Eh? Eh?)


Anonymous said...

So you steal their music and you slam them at the same time? Real classy.

Tonegent said...

So you slam me anonymously? Eat a bag of dicks.