30 July 2009

What do Amish people have to do with Reggae? Nothing.

Today's artist has the name of an Amish guy, but he's not. Do the Amish people even have music or is it just the Devil's Ear Candy?

I don't think I've touched on the label Soul Jazz Records much around here, and that's a dang shame because they put out some pretty good stuff... almost none of which is Soul or Jazz music, but whatever to that. I'm pretty sure they started out as a re-issue label for Funk/Reggae/Punk mega-obscurities and have recently moved on to put out Techno & Dubstep records... so yeah, not an easy label to label (ha!), but they generally put out quality regardless of genre. This XXX% Dynamite series is a real winner for those who like it Jah-style... and there's something like 8 of them now I think. Here's a track from Jacob Miller, whom I didn't know much about, but he was the original singer of Inner Circle, a group definitely on the White Frat Boy Reggae Radar, a.k.a. they were pretty big...

Jacob Miller - Healing Of The Nation (ysi)

So... turns out the Amish do have music and from this description it sounds like it's just as awful as you might imagine. Anybody been to any Amish shows? Lemme know...

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